Catalan solids

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Catalan Solids

Voronoi Catalan polyhedron

@mathgrrl introduced me to the Catalan solids and I used my unfolding STL tools to produce some fold-up cardboard versions. These are both pentagonal icositetrahedrons, which have the property that all of the faces and vertices are the same, but the edges differ.

Catalan solid
Catalan solid

The first was a solid one for a test out of fairly thick cardboard. It didn't cut or bend as smoothly as I had hoped. It is available as thing:900701.

Voronoi catalan polyhedron
Voronoi catalan polyhedron

The second is cut from matte board and has a Voronoi pattern generated with my voronoi program. Because it is thiner, the folds worked well. It is available as thing:900951.

Catalan polyhedron unfolded
Catalan polyhedron lamp

This Pentagonal hexecontahedron was cut on the Shopbot from corregated plastic. I've written some more details on cutting Coroplast.

Catalan PCB bottom.png

An attempt to make a flexible PCB version of the 24-sided pentagonal icositetrahedron with twenty charlieplexed LEDs.