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Classes at NYC Resistor

Physical Game Programming

Game programming with the Teensy at NYC Resistor

I helped out with the Intro to programming physical games class at NYCR, team taught with Code Liberation instructors Phoenix Perry and Caroline Sinders. Twelve women learned how to write code for the Teensy and interface it with Processing -- everyone went home with a breadboard, microcontroller and a simple one-button game.

Reverse Engineering with Hopper

Hopper Interactive Disassembly
Intro to Reverse Engineering class at NYC Resistor

I taught an intro to reverse engineering with Hopper class at NYC Resistor. Hopper is a full featured interactive disassembler for i386, x86-64 and ARM CPUs, with a "decompiler" that generates mostly readable pseudo-code. Slides and example binary to disassemble.

Octoscroller class

Octoscroller class at NYC Resistor
Octoscroller class prep

I taught a class at NYCR on assembling the Octoscroller board and a brief intro into writing software to draw on the RGB LED matrix panels. Class announcement on the NYCR blog.

FLORA class

Adafruit FLORA and Neopixel ring
Flora jacket hacking

I taught a class on the Adafruit FLORA and Neopixel. These round Arduino compatible controller boards are a great base for wearable projects like watches, jackets and neck ties, as well as holiday decorations.

Oscilloscope class

Diagnosing EL wire with a DSO Nano v3
Multimeter amperage measurement

Oscilloscopes and multimeters are vital pieces of test equipment that everyone should have in their tool box. This class at NYC Resistor covered how to use them to measure signals and use them to diagnose various types of problems.

Pebble programming class

Pebble class at NYC Resistor
Pebble class at NYC Resistor

I taught a class on programming the Pebble smart watch at NYC Resistor and then hosted a hackathon afterwards. We used the excellent Cloud Pebble service for building our programs, which allowed the students to get up to speed very quickly. Representatives from Pebble showed up to distribute swag.

Reverse engineering class

Hex curious?

I taught a class on ARM assembly programming by showing how to reverse engineer common C constructs. It went fairly well considering that most of the students had never seen assembly language before.

TIMESQUARE watch class

Timesquare watch timelapse
Eight successful watches

I taught a class in assembling and programming the Adafruit TIMESQUARE LED watch. Class announcement

USB HID class

WASD keyboard
USB mill controller and e-stop

I taught a class a few times at NYC Resistor and again to Princeton's CS club on turning arbitrary things into USB HID devices. Students made keyboards, joysticks and mice from various random bits of electrical components from the scrap bins. Presentation PDF if you want to try it yourself.

Other classes


Hardware checkout at Hack Holyoke
Internet controlled RC car at hack Holyoke

I was a mentor for the teams of hackers at the 2014 HackHolyoke, a 24-hour embedded systems hackathon held at Mt. Holyoke College. Read on for more details...

Princeton USB HID class

Princeton USB devices workshop

I taught a repeat of my USB HID class for twenty students in Princeton's CS club. I was honored that Brian Kernighan even announced it in his class.

MIT Advanced C class

MIT Strata center
Advanced C at MIT

During MIT's 2013 January semeseter I team taught a class on C optimization with David Greenberg.

Solder:Time Desk Clock

Solder:Time Desk Clock assembly

We had three workshops on building the Spinkenzie Labs Solder:Time Desk Clock at my office and made a timelapse of the construction process. Read on for more info on programming the clock with custom firmware...