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In addition to photography and computers, I also enjoy other hobbies.


Espresso Machine

Fresh out of the acid bath
Boiler removal

Pat and I restored a two group Astoria espresso machine that we purchased from a restaurant closing sale. It has reliably made a few hundred drinks per week at our office since then, but required an extensive overhaul to make it work well.



CZ Airfield
Flying over the Sandias

I like flying old aircraft and used to fly my own tailwheel Maule M5-235. One of my plans is to earn my DC-3 type rating and restore a "Gooney Bird" for traveling in luxurious style, or perhaps a slightly smaller but still quite nice Beech-18.


R44 flight

I have several hours in rotorcraft and can passably hover a helicopter for a short while. I used to design autopilots for unamanned helicopters.


UAV in Afghanistan
UAV + Dragons

I used to design autopilots for rotorcraft and fixed wing UAVs, but have been out of that line of business for a long time now.



Lagoon 380 haulout
Lagoon 380 cockpit

We used to live on a 12m Lagoon 380 catamaran in the Gulf of Mexico. It was quite fun and I hope to do it again someday.


Blue Hole - New Mexico openwater SCUBA

We earned our PADI open water dive and high altitude endorsement in the Blue Hole, near Santa Rosa, NM while living in Albuquerque.



Biking on the tandem
Union "Brooklyn" in Brooklyn

Before moving to a New York-sized apartment, we biked everywhere on a tandem. Now we each have our own heavy duty Dutch "omafiets" and I commute to work via bicycle several days per week.


CitiBike founding member key!
Bloomberg announces CitiBike NYC

I'm a founding member (in the first 500 signups) of the NYC CitiBike bicycle share program. I've taken many photos of CitiBikes and stations, especially as they started to show up in the city. Of course one of the first things I did when the contactless key arrived was take it apart to try to figure out what RFID/NFC system it used.


Team Resistor

Occasionally I run 5k races with friends. Sometimes we make flashy lights for the races.

Unicycling and other circus arts

Trammell's first trapeze catch
Electric Unicycle

I enjoy unicycling, trapeze, silks, rings and other circus arts. Read on for more videos...

Rock climbing

Aid climbing
Climbing in the Sandias

When we lived out west I spent quite a bit of time rock climbing in the Sandia mountains and other areas around Albuquerque.


Two Unimogs
Unimog camping

During my "Mad Max years", I restored a few Mercedes Unimogs and drove them around the desert southwest. They are great offroad vehicles if you need to carry a few tons over very rough terrain, but they really do not make the best daily drivers...

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